Puerto Rico facing a food-stamp crisis

The additional aid that was given to Puerto Rico after hurricane Maria is about to end as Congress misses the deadline to reauthorize it. 43% of Puerto Rico will see a significant cut on their food-stamps.

Puerto Rico is very dependent on this aid. Families in the island depend on it for groceries and other essentials. It is a safety net that will not longer be there for residents of the island.

Puerto Rico funds its programs by using a block grant from the federal government that is renewed regularly. Every so often congress needs to authorize these funds. Congress has been recently more focused in taking action against the president, the Russia collusion investigation, among others, and it is neglecting to pay attention to real issues that real people are suffering.

On top of that, Trump has also signaled he may not approved additional funds for the island, which makes the situation even worse.

Between Trump’s cost cutting and congress inaction, the island is being put into a death spiral that will only make it worse to the island residents. Nobody in Washington seems to care, perhaps because Puerto Rico lacks any voting power in Congress and in presidential elections.

This can only change if Puerto Rico is given real representation in congress. It is the only way the mainland will pay more attention to the island. Real representation will mean real negotiating power to puertorricans and perhaps real results for the impoverish island.