New Green Deal fails in Senate vote

There has been a lot of talk about the Green New Deal that Alexandra Ocasio Cortez has been proposing. Most of the democratic presidential candidates have also said they support it.

Today came the day to vote on it in the Senate, and the measure failed miserably. The democrats that were for it suddenly became indifferent about it. They refuse to be on record supporting it, perhaps for political reasons. They may not want for the proposal to be discussed in the Senate floor because they are afraid about public opinion.

The New Green Deal tries to fix climate change. Among other things, it blames cows for generating too much methane into the atmosphere. There are currently about 47 million cows in the world and in the 1800s there were 80 million buffaloes. Why wasn’t it a problem back then?

The New Green Deal proposes fixing climate change by making changes in the way the United States operates. It ignores completely that in the list of 500 most polluting cities in the world, most are located in India and China and none (cero) in the United States. You can see the list at:

Seems like the New Green Deal is just a political talking point for Democrats to get the younger generation votes. Those generations are the ones that would be more impacted if climate change is real, and they are the ones easier to fool.