Chuck Norris takes legal action against pharmaceutical companies

Chuck Norris wife was injected a dye that contains a heavy metal called gadolinium as part of a MRI scan they did to her. This caused all sort of health issues and she actually almost died.

Last year in 2018 Gadolinium Deposit Disease was finally recognized as a real medical condition and Chuck Norris decided it was time to sue for damages 11 pharmaceutical companies.

Chuck Norris spent almost $2 million trying to remove the heavy metal from his wife’s body. He says he is luck to have the money to be able to do that and that some are not so fortunate.

Gena Norris, Chuck Norris wife, will still have some lingering injuries due to this treatment, which include cognitive difficulties, kidney damage, body pain, loss of energy and loss of mobility.

These dyes are banned in Europe, but in the USA the FDA only requires warning patients about the risks. The same FDA has not approved the safe procedure of chelation for removing heavy metals from the body, perhaps because no multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical company is behind those treatments.