OPINION: Why are democrats ignoring the souther border crisis in the US?

Not only the numbers speak for themselves but now even Obama-era DHS chief Jeh Johnson is speaking out as well. So, why are the democrats ignoring the crisis?

The answer is: It is political

Here are the main reasons:

  • Admitting that there is a crisis is acknowledging Trump and his campaign promise of a wall
  • Democrats are also afraid to loose the minority vote, which they are already losing anyway
  • They are also hopeful that those illegal immigrants will be converted into democrat votes in the 2020 elections
  • They want to keep painting the false image that Trump is anti-immigrant and anti-minority

Not a single Democrat has visited the affected border areas and dialogued with the people that know best about the crisis, namely Border Patrol. It is just crazy that they keep stating that there is no crisis with no actual facts in hand.

According to the commissioner of Customs and Border Protection, there were 4,000 detentions in just one day this past week, and this month is projected to have 100,000 detentions. The system is just not made to handle these numbers. 1.000 detentions per day is a crisis. 4,000 is just insane.

Last month 76,000+ migrants were detained, making it the worse month in 12 years. On those 76,000 were 7,000 unaccompanied children. When these migrants are released into the main population they consume $70,000 a year each in government help. In a society that has problems paying for health care for their citizens how can we expect to afford it on illegal immigrants as well?

Congress has turned out to be slow and useless reacting to this crisis. They are more concerned about overthrowing Trump and impeaching him than dealing with the real issues that the United State has. We the people have to stop electing incompetent politicians and support the ones that are executing their campaign promises.

Richard Dib