Opinion: If the defenseless could talk

These days abortion it thought to be a womens right by some, mainly the left, but what about if that baby could talk. Would he agree to get killed?

This is the same left that preaches to be pro-minorities, when it is abortion what kills 600+ black babies daily in the United States alone. It is not police who are killing blacks, the main murderers of blacks is black women.

In an age where there are so many alternatives to prevent conception, why is it that abortions are so frequently done? The left says that it is because of rapes and medical issues. The reality is that 99.9999% (vast majority) of abortions are because of unprotected recreational sex. This can be easily avoided.

If unprotected recreational sex is the major cause of pregnancy and abortions, why are tax payers dollars being used at Planned Parenthood clinics to perform abortions? Is society responsible for the lack of morals of a group of people in this country?

This has to stop. We can’t be killing life. We can’t be having sex unresponsively. And we definitely should not pay for other people’s mistakes. If you want to have an abortion, have it at your own dime.

Kudos to Georgia for passing legislation against late term abortions and shame on NY.