Government aid to illegals costs $100 billion per year

There is a reason why illegals take such dangerous journey to come to the United States. This country is willing to maintain them, to the tune of $100 billion a year (1/10 of a Trillion dollars).

In this $100 billion per year is not considered the cost of maintaining and policing the border.

These federal benefits are not supposed to be available to illegal immigrants, but for some reason they are, specially in Sanctuary states and cities where democrats make it that way in hopes they will, again illegally, vote for their party.

Some illegal immigrants use anchor children to apply for food stamps. U.S. Born children are entitled to food stamps. 31% of such families are participants of the SNAP program and more than 50% of Central American in the country use one welfare program at the very least.

Others illegals turn in to identity theft, and make themselves “legal” that way. There is a big market for fake IDs, and fake SSN, which is a huge problem to those that are legally in this country.

About 70% of immigrants at the border this year were families or unaccompanied minors that claim to seek asylum. These Asylum seekers will qualify for work permits in just 6 months. These will earn minimum wage as they are, for the most part, uneducated and have no real skills. This makes them candidates for welfare.

The sad reality is that the American taxpayer is paying for all this. It is expected that one more million illegal immigrants will be added to the United States this year as border patrol currently apprehends about 4,000 per day. Most of them seem very well informed in that if they claim asylum they will be entitled to receiving government benefits.