Should terrorists in jail vote in the elections? Bernie thinks so …

Bernie Sanders seems to think that terrorists like the “Boston bomber” should vote in our elections, as well as convicted sexual offenders, and anybody currently in jail for that matter.

He claims the reason he wants this is to increase the voting rate, which he says is low in the United States. He wants to allow the wrong people to vote to increase a number?

In reality he wants to increase the voters that would potentially vote democrat. He does not care about the United States. He cares about his party and the ability to gather more votes for him and the likes during an election. This is nothing more than dirty politics at its best.

I am sure he also wants 16 years old to vote as well, yes … those that eat Tide Pods, mainly because they are easily influenced. Don’t forget the votes of illegals either … democrats want illegals to vote as well. What a racket !!

Below is the video put out by CNN where Bernie answers this young woman’s question about it.

The slippery slope, Mr Sanders, is allowing illegals, criminals, and 16 year old kids to vote.