San Francisco is the capital of needles and human feces

Some of the largest cities in California, which are controlled by democrats, are in total disarray. San Francisco in particular is becoming the capital of needles and human feces, as one San Francisco resident complains that he will see at least 10 needles and 5 pounds of human feces every day while he works to work.

The sterile plastic caps and hypodermic needles are commonplace in city sidewalks. The human feces piled in small mounds at the curb is also normal for San Francisco these days. Now, God forbid you use a plastic straw in the city ! You could be fined !

Democrats, instead of dealing with situation, are using their time and energy to fund sanctuary cities. Everyday the homeless become more and more on the streets as the cost of living rises due to excess in taxes.

Crime is at an all time high, as well as drug use. Homelessness is taking over the downtown of San Francisco. The democratic government does not seem to care. This is Nancy Pelosi’s district, a Sanctuary city that spends their money on sheltering the illegals.

Here are some photos showing how bad the situation is.

Human feces at the side of the curb in San Francisco
Garbage on the streets contains lots of needles in San Francisco
Some are going artistic with poop in San Francisco
San Francisco Streets taken over by the homeless
Homelessness in San Francisco is a huge problem
Situation in San Francisco is so bad that there are now human poop maps to track them