Conservative Black Woman Antonia Okafor Blacklisted by Youtube

Being a conservative in a liberal platform like Youtube (Owned by Google) is risky, even if you are a black woman.

Antonia Okafor just received a communication from Youtube telling her that she was not entitled anymore to receive ad revenue because she posted a video with a Creole libertarian woman (Nina Prevot) about teaching young women to defend themselves.

Antonia Okafor is the CEO of EmPOWERed. The organization teaches self defense to women around the country, including the right to bear arms by women.

Seems like Youtube reviewing department is full of sore loser liberals looking to harm any conservative that crosses their way. What they don’t know is that they actually made Okafor even more famous as she is now national news thanks for Youtube actions.

Update — Youtube pedals back !! After all the bad publicity Youtube reinstated ads on Okafor’s account.