Resist / Impeach / Obstruct formula biting democrats back

It has been two years of constant complaining on the part of democrats. Two years of resisting. Two years of obstructing. Two years trying to find dirt on the president of the United States and his administration.

Their latest victim is not the newly appointed AG Mr Barr. Even though Barr has offered democrats to see the Muller report with minimal redactions to protect jurors, the democrats have refused to see it. Apparently all they are interested in is creating another circus at congress for them to grandstand and complain in front of the American people.

The Resist / Impeach / Obstruct formula has also opened the door to the radical left in the party. Democrats now have in congress people that are not only anti-semitic, but whose proposals will bankrupt this country if they are successful.

The independent voter, the moderate that sits in between democrats and republicans, is not amused. This fact is enabling former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz to run as an independent, breaking away from the Democratic party he once supported. To say the least, a Schultz candidacy will hurt democrats greatly.

Minorities are also becoming aware of how Democrats have played with them over the past decades. Trump’s approval among blacks have risen to almost 40% from a mere 8% that it was 2 years ago. Approval among Hispanics is now 50%. Democrats are losing these important voters.

To compensate, Democrats are pursuing allowing illegals to vote. They don’t want the Census nationality question because that would recalculate how many delegates big democratic states have, as most illegals will not participate in it, lowering their population. Democrats are also wanting to allow criminals in prison to vote, even the likes of the Boston Bomber.

Call it Karma, or anything else you like. We are witnessing the destruction of the Democratic party by their own hands.