Appeals court sides with Trump on not funding abortions with your taxes

The 9th US Circuit Court of Appeals granted the Trump administration’s request to lift the national injunctions ordered by lower federal courts in Oregon and Washington state, as well as the statewide injunction in California.

This is a huge blow to democrats and very likely will survive the Supreme Court as they have already decided similarly 30 years ago during the Reagan era.

Now the Trump administration can enforce a rule finalized this spring that strips federal Title X funding from any clinic that provides abortions or abortion referrals. That represents tens of millions of tax dollars to Planned Parenthood.

Justice Department spokesperson Kelly Laco said the administration is “confident we will ultimately prevail” in the legal fight, citing the 1991 Supreme Court decision upholding the Reagan-era Title X restrictions, Rust v. Sullivan.

This is great news as funding abortions with tax payer’s money is absurd.