Iran shoots down $100 million US Navy drone over Strait of Hormuz

Iran is playing with fire by shooting down a Navy high-altitude drone over international airspace in the Strait of Hormuz. Iran claims it was flying over their territory. The US says they have all the telemetry data to support that it was not.

When asked how he was going to respond, President Trump just said that you will know very soon, without giving any more information.

The location where the U.S. Navy RQ-4 was down down by a surface to air missile fired by Iran. (Department of Defense)

“This was an unprovoked attack on a U.S. surveillance asset that had not violated Iranian airspace at any time during its mission,”  Lt. Gen. Joseph Guastella said. “This attack is an attempt to disrupt our ability to monitor the area following recent threats to international shipping and free flow of commerce.”

Guastella said at the time it was struck by the missile, the drone was operating at a “high-altitude” approximately 34 kilometers from the nearest point of land on the Iranian coast.

“This dangerous and escalatory attack was irresponsible and occurred in the vicinity of established air corridors between Dubai, UAE, and Muscat Oman, possibly endangering innocent civilians,” he said.

The U.S. Navy’s RQ-4A Global Hawk drone provides real-time intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance missions  “over vast ocean and coastal regions,” according to the military.

Iran also tried to shoot down another drone, but missed, U.S. officials told Fox News. Officials are now scrambling to find the wreckage in the water before Iranian forces recover it.