Hollywood celebs create video accusing Trump of collusion with Russia


It is unknown what these people in Hollywood are smoking or what kind of hallucinogenic drugs they consume, but they just created a video accusing Trump of collusion with Russia, despite Muller’s report showing no evidence.

The usual suspects are De Niro, George Takei, Martin Sheen, and some less known like Christine Lahti, Laurence Fishburne (The Matrix), and even Stephen King which seems to have found his real nightmare in Trump.

Take a look at the video:

Talk about sore losers! More than 2 years after Trump won the elections these people are still putting lies out there for the public to see. Don’t they even realize they pay less taxes with Trump? That the state where most of them live (CA / Democratic) is flourishing with crime due to illegal immigration? That the state where they most live is full of homeless people that can’t afford renting a place anymore?

They go even further to call Barr a liar, and they even say in the video that Muller found plenty evidence of collusion. Yet, no evidence is being provided in this video, no page number of the report, no quotes in the report, nothing.

So, we recommend you to take a look at the video, and see the celebrities that participate in it, and stop supporting them, don’t see their movies, don’t read their books, just stop making these idiots richer.