Iran keeps digging itself into it’s own grave

Now Iran says that the latest US sanctions ends ‘channel of diplomacy forever’. Therefore, if there is no diplomacy channel, what is left? War?

Iran leaders have to be extremely delusional to believe that going into war with the United States is to their benefit. Perhaps they are hoping for some democrat, out of the 20 or so, to win next elections?

To top it off, Iranian President Rouhani said that the Whitehouse is “afflicted by mental retardation”, which is a very retarded statement by itself.

It this round of sanctions, the Whitehouse targeted the leaders of Iran, and not it’s people, which is a very smart move. After all, it is the leaders that are creating all this chaos, and not the citizens of that country.

John Bolton, Trump’s national security adviser, later said the U.S. is open to negotiations, all Iran needs to do is “walk through that open door.” It was unclear if his response was in connection to Mousavi’s tweet. In our opinion, Iran is to arrogant to walk through the open door and will need some real motivation.