Son of a legend and a Con Artist

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The day I discovered that my wife was being conned was one of the worse days of my life. I woke up early in the morning to look at her phone, and there it was, all the conversations with him on Instagram and Google Hangouts.

I woke her up and questioned her. The truth started to come out and it was ugly. I revised the long conversations while she was trying to grab the phone away from me. She had been having conversations with this online person for about 2 months.

His alias was “Fernando Mark”, a fake name that he used online to scam people. He had several Facebook and Instagram accounts with a lot of followers, accounts he closed out once I found out about him. Later I also found out that he hacked into other’s accounts to communicate with their friends in order to advance his scam.

Con artists use their victims weaknesses and exploit them to achieve their goals, which is usually stealing money, and this was no exception. My wife had 3 kids from a previous marriage that were in a near fatal accident when he started contacting her. He started comforting her, and slowly complimenting her on her looks. As time went by, the compliments got stronger, and more sexually oriented.

So, what was the scam? “Fernando Mark”, who later in this article you will find out who he really is, would convince people online to invest in Forex, fake forex investments. Most would say no, but some would agree to send him money. His line was “with only a $2K investment you can make $25K in just 1 month”. He used this line on my wife in trying to convince her initially to give him $2K so that she could soon have $25K to help her kids. What type of vile human being takes advantage of a mother whose kids almost died in an accident? Fortunately, we had no money available for him to take.

This “investment” money he would steal using a clever technique, and he conned my wife to help him. Between praises on her looks and even constant “I love you” in a chat, he would convince her to receive the money from these investors. At the time my wife had no idea what was going on … it was me who discovered later the whole plot. “Fernando” would instruct the investor to send the money to Camille’s bank account, telling Camille that if she received the money and send it to him using a Bitcoin ATM, she could have a commission. She did not know where the money came from, what the money was for, she only knew the simple task to do.

“I love you” … “Soon we will be together” … “I will help your kids” … and many more affirmations were written by “Fernando” to my wife, as well as some explicit sexually charged ones. Slowly he conned my wife, and she was happy because she was going to be able to help her kids.

His mistake was having video calls with my wife. He exposed his face to her, which matched photos he send to her as well over Instagram and Google Hangouts. He was sloppy and that allowed me, a computer engineer with vast Internet experience, to find out his real identity. He is the son of Tony Orlando, the singer who had a huge hit called “Knock 3 times” in the 1970’s. His name, Jon Orlando.

How did I find him? I did reverse lookups on his photos on the Internet. Sloppy Jon, as I call him now, made the mistake of exposing himself on video calls, and I had his face to search on online photo searches.

Turns out that my wife was not the first one to be scammed. There were others. Vicky Pezza being one of them. She also witnessed how other husbands would also send Jon threatening emails.

On LinkedIn Jon Orlando claims to have a combined 100 million followers on Instagram, which is pure BS. He barely has 2,000 … but he looks convincing when he tells you these lies … and some will fall for his con.

He tried to steal money from me, instructing my wife to “buy bitcoin” using a newly created Paypal account and my debit card, and even her mom’s debit card. He would insist to my wife to “steal” the debit card from me while I was sleeping and to keep asking her mom for hers, that in just ONE MONTH she would have $25K from the $2K she invested.

I tried to contact his girlfriend, but it seems like she knows what Jon does. She is not responding and seems not to care. Perhaps that is how she was able to pay for her fake breast augmentation. Women could be very protective of men that give them money.

Jon Orlando, from Las Vegas, is a con artist. No doubt about it. Be aware of it and do not trust him. He almost destroyed my marriage and he will destroy anything you have for his personal gain.

I contacted him directly on Instagram and he blocked me from both my business accounts and my newly created personal account. My wife also tried adding him on his real account … immediately without any communication got blocked. He recognized her.

Below, find some photos of his conversations and Vicky’s testimony of her experience with the son of a legend turned con artist. I have TONS of information but can’t post it all as we are submitting everything to the FBI. Perhaps he can further his comedian career in jail !