Who wanted Jeffrey Epstein dead?

Jeffrey Epstein sudden death in a Manhattan jail prison could be the result of business associates and political enablers silencing him. None of these people wanted to become known and potentially incarcerated.

About 24 hours before his death a Florida court released more than 2,000 pages of documents regarding Epstein’s sex trafficking ring. This could have been the catalyst for Epstein’s associates and customers to pull the trigger and kill him.

But who are they?

Not surprisingly Bill Clinton is one of those people, having taken more than a dozen trips in Jeffrey’s teen porn plane. Bill Clinton was also good friend of Harvey Weinstein, another sexual predator, and Kevin Spacey. Seems like Bill feels very comfortable among sexual predators.

Bill Clinton was good friends of Kevin Spacey, another sexual predator.

Another is former Senate Majority Leader George Mitchell  and former governor and Clinton cabinet member Bill Richardson, who was also a one-time presidential candidate. Prince Andrew, second son of the Queen of England is also in the list.

The Attorney General William Barr will be investigating the serious irregularities around Epstein’s death and hopefully more names will be discovered.

Bill Clinton with his good friend Harvey Weinstein, another sexual predator.