Dem Rep. Khanna: ‘The Case for Impeaching Donald Trump Is Actually a Conservative Case’

Representative Ro Khanna (D-CA) during Sunday’s “Kasie DC” on MSNBC argued that the case for impeachment against President Donald Trump “is actually a conservative case.”

Khanna called on the American people to “wake up” and see that Trump is “riding roughshod over the rule of law.”

“The case for impeaching Donald Trump is actually a conservative case. It goes back to Edmund Burke, who said that the rule of law is a check on arbitrary power,” Khanna outlined.

“I say today you have someone with a conservative ideology that is riding roughshod over the rule of law,” he continued. “What if tomorrow you had someone from the far left doing that, as we’ve seen in many other countries? This is a threat in a polarized time to American stability and to American prosperity, and people have to wake up to what’s happening and what this president is doing.”

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