GOP Rep. Biggs: Lisa Page Now Playing Victim After Participating in FBI ‘Cabal’

Representative Andy Biggs (R-AZ) during Monday’s “Fox & Friends” reacted to former FBI lawyer Lisa Page speaking out recently about being the target of attacks by President Donald Trump over her actions while serving in the FBI.

Biggs noted Page and FBI agent Peter Strzok were both engaged in the “cabal” in the FBI to prevent Donald Trump from becoming president and then undermine him once in office, saying she now wants to “spin it up” and play the victim before the release of the inspector general report.

“It’s incredible hutzpah,” Biggs stated. “It’s audacity like you just can’t imagine. Here’s somebody who was engaged in the cabal at the top of our police apparatus in this country to thwart a presidential candidate and then once he was there, to try to undermine and delegitimize his presidency. And now she wants to say she’s a victim.”

He continued, “The reason it hasn’t faded away is because this is an act of such incredible magnitude that we really haven’t seen before in this country, and it’s not going to fade away until it gets fully investigated.”

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