Phillipines: Man Allegedly Beheads Woman, Eats Brain After She Spoke English


Police arrested a 21-year-old Filipino man Thursday on charges of beheading a woman and eating her brain after she spoke to him in English.

Police Capt. Maribeth Ramoga confirmed the gruesome allegations and explained that the suspect, Lloyd Bagtong, became annoyed when an unidentified female victim began speaking to him in English, prompting him to kill her before eating her brains.

“The suspect reportedly got irked because he could not understand the woman who spoke to him in English,” she said at a press conference.

Witnesses say they saw Bagtong and his victim walking around together before the crime, although the extent of their relationship remains unclear. Officers say the woman’s body was found topless, wearing only jeans on her lower body, and with her hands tied. Some of the remains of her clothes were also found around two and a half miles from his home.

According to Ramoga, Bagtong admitted to carrying out the crime with a machete, decapitating her, and taking her head home in a cloth. After throwing her skull in a hole close to his house, he then cooked some rice before serving the woman’s brains on top of his rice. He later told investigators the location of the victim’s severed head inside his house.

She added that the victim was probably killed early Thursday morning as the traces of blood found at the crime scene still looked “fresh.”

Bagtong, who is unemployed and according to those close to him has a history of mental illness, will face charges of murder. Authorities have also hired a psychiatrist to assess whether he should be treated as insane.

Investigators are still working to identify the woman, with police urging those with missing relatives or loved ones to contact them.

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