VIDEO: Football Player’s Dad Writes Letter Thanking Opposing Team for Act of Kindness


A Texas high school football announcer was deeply moved by a kind gesture from the opposing team after a game in Lubbock November 29.

Pat Wadlington, whose son plays for the Decatur High School football team, said he has seen parents and students exhibit all kinds of behavior on and off the field, according to KHOU.

“Just general misbehavior. Parents throwing punches? Seen that,” he commented.

However, when his son’s team lost to the Dumas Demons in a playoff game recently, he saw something he did not expect.

“I saw no trash talking, no personal fouls, I saw no complaining,” he recalled. “I saw kids helping one another up off the turf.”

Moments after the Demons scored the final field goal that night in Lubbock, Wadlington anxiously searched for his son, Cam, and witnessed something else that touched his heart.

“There were two Dumas Demon players that had come to my son within seconds of them winning the game,” he stated.

The players’ kind gesture was caught on video and shows the young men helping Cam up off of the field.

“They were consoling my son,” Wadlington recalled. “He was on his knees in the end zone. I just stopped, I was speechless.”

Because of their kindness, the announcer wrote a letter to Dumas’s head football coach, Aaron Dunnam.

The letter read:

I was amazed by two of your players who, instead of celebrating (which would have been completely fine), had rushed to my son’s side to comfort him. I was speechless that two high school players would have more compassion for their opponent in that situation than for their own excitement in winning a playoff game in that fashion. I wish I could remember their numbers but I am nearly positive one of them was #85. It was a true gesture of sportsmanship that I will remember forever.

“I wanted you to know how impressed we all were by your team’s performance, but even more so by their character and sportsmanship,” Wadlington stated, adding “That is a credit to you, your staff, Dumas High School, as the parents of your players.”

Dunnam posted the letter to the team’s Facebook page and it has since been shared over 1,700 times.

Wadlington said the tender moment brought tears to his eyes and is something he will never forget.

“To me, the real example for my son was set by those two boys from Dumas,” he concluded.