Bernie Marcus, Andy Puzder: Small Businesses Should Back House Coronavirus Relief Bill


Home Depot Co-Founder Bernie Marcus and Andy Puzder, a former Trump nominee for U.S. Labor Secretary, published an op-ed Monday defending the Families First Coronavirus Response Act and its paid medical leave policy.

From Fox News:

At first blush, the House bill appeared to mandate that they use what little cash they have to cover paid medical leave – with government reimbursing those costs sometime down the road. Many believed the reimbursement would come only after this mandate drove them out of business leaving their employees without jobs or benefits and dragging the economy further towards recession.

We shared their concerns and began looking into how this bill would work should it become law.  We had discussions with legislators and Treasury Department officials.

We read Secretary Mnuchin’s written statement and saw his Fox News interview. While there are still important details to work out, we believe that the Trump administration is aware of and determined to satisfactorily resolve any issues in the best interests of employees, small business, and the economy.

Let’s start with how employers who are cash strapped because of the coronavirus can pay their affected employees medical leave…

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