Stronger Together: Here’s How You Can Help Protect Your Family And Close Friends


As Covid-19 continues to spread across the nation, the message shared by the CDC has been clear: isolate and quarantine.

While this is sound advice on stopping the spread of the disease and absolutely should be followed, there remains a growing concern that shelter-in-place orders could create situations in which shopping for groceries or medicine becomes incredibly difficult or dangerous.

For situations like this, it is advised that you are prepared, with both appropriate medical knowledge and resources, and food and tools for both long and short term survival.

Yet, being prepared with enough resources for one person or even four people may not be enough if you have a large family, or you have close family-friends who you want to be able to assist in the event of a crisis.

For times like these, you should consider Outbreak Provisions 10 Person Survival Kit:

Packed with 24,00 calories of food and enough blankets, ponchos, and supplies for everyone (Photo via Outbreak)

Get the ten-person 72 hour survival kit today to ensure that everyone you care about is prepared to relocate should an emergency arise. 

And while survival is often centered around the bare minimum needed for nourishment, you should remember that children also need entertainment to keep them preoccupied and keep their mind off the crisis. That’s where Outbreak’s survival kit for children comes in. It’s got most of what’s included in the normal 1-person survival kit but includes crayons, coloring pages, batteries and a crank radio, all designed to relieve stress and support activity.

A survival kit specifically designed with young children in mind (Photo via Outbreak Provisions)

If whoever your children are older, or you yourself are in need of entertainment (I know I would be) consider this survival pal, which includes a handful of helpful tools like a sewing kit, first aid, kit matches, and a special set of playing cards (for entertainment) that also include information on first aid and emergency survival tactics on each card.

(Photo via Outbreak Provisions)

Packed in a cooler bag and hand assembled in the USA, the Survival Pal will be a reliable friend to lean on in desperate times. 

While this is a confusing time for all Americans, we shouldn’t forget the values of country’s founders included unity and standing together against threats to our freedom and safety; and while physically standing together may be challenging at this time given CDC recommendations, being prepared together in case this crisis gets worst or future crises arrive, is an option we all should embrace.

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