How To Get This Highly-Reviewed Stick Vacuum For $10 Less Than It Is on Amazon

Your home’s been through a lot lately. With everybody home all the time, there are probably enough crumbs around your place to create a whole new meal. But living in perpetual filth doesn’t have to be your reality, even if you’ve been spending more snacking hours on the couch than usual these days.

But before you shake your head at the thought of blowing a few hundred bucks on a new Dyson vacuum, think again. This cordless stick vacuum by JASHEN is just a fraction of the price and does the job just as well if not better. Thanks to its dynamic wireless design and upgraded brush system, you can take this thing just about anywhere, sucking pet hair, dust, and crumbs out of each nook and cranny in your home, floor to ceiling.

What gives this cordless vacuum its edge is its high-efficiency filtration system. Complete with a washable filter, hygienic HEPA filter, and large dust cup, this high-tech piece of machinery grips and locks in any particles that get trapped in its motorized brush, emitting fresh air as it goes. Plus, its built-in motor is incredibly quiet, making your cleaning sessions — dare we say — enjoyable. You can even pop off the handle and use it as a cordless hand vac perfect for tight spaces, tabletops, couch cushions and so much more.

With an astounding 4.5/5-star rating on Amazon, the versatile JASHEN V12S Cordless Stick Vacuum is becoming somewhat of a household name. And the fact that it offers 30 minutes of uninterrupted sweeping time per charge helps us understand why. But don’t just take our word for it.

“Not only does it perform well but it also looks stellar! When did vacuums start to look like artworks? I put it in my hall and all my friends said it looks good in my house.” – Fiona

“The day I received the vacuum cleaner, I immediately started using it and it felt good to use. It’s lightweight and probably more than one pound lighter than my old vacuum cleaner.” – Ailianna

Save your hard-earned cash and opt for the JASHEN V12S Cordless Stick Vacuum! For a limited time, it’s just $89.99 — that’s $10 less than what it’s going for on Amazon.

Prices subject to change.

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