***Live Updates*** CA-25, WI-07, Nebraska Election Results

California’s 25th Congressional District, Wisconsin’s 7th Congressional District, and Nebraska hold elections today during the coronavirus crisis.

In Wisconsin’s Seventh Congressional District, Republicans, in a special election, are favored to keep the seat vacated by former Rep. Sean Duffy. In California’s 25th Congressional District, Republican Mike Garcia will look to defeat Democrat Christy Smith in a special election and flip the seat, which was held by disgraced former Democrat Rep. Katie Hill. In Nebraska, Democrats will choose their candidate in the state’s Second Congressional District to take on incumbent Rep. Don Bacon in November.

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10:35 PM: Sasse gets his opponent:

10:32 PM: DCCC more optimistic than analysts about NE-02:

10:30 PM:

10:05 PM: Cook Political Report’s Wasserman thinks AOC-backed Eastman will have a tough time flipping the seat in November:

9:42 PM: How Dems are planning to spin:

9:35 PM: Tiffany (R) projected to win in WI-07:

9:30 PM: In NE-02, Kara Eastman is the projected winner for the Dems.

9:25 PM: WI-07–Tom Tiffany (R) 56%, Tricia Zunker (D) 44%, with about 4% reporting.

9:20 PM: And in the first shocker of the night (sarcasm!)…

9:15 PM: CA-25: The Risk/Reward Choice Facing Many Republican Candidates This Year:

9:00 PM: Polls closed in Wisconsin and Nebraska.

8:50 PM: Polls will close in Wisconsin and Nebraska at 9 PM ET. Polls in CA-25 will close at 11 PM ET.

Nebraska: Democrats think they have a chance of clipping NE-02 in the fall.

Kara Eastman, Ann Ashford, and Gladys Harrison are vying to take on incumbent Rep. Bacon in the fall.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) has backed Eastman.