Need To Up Your Sanitation Game? These Kits Are Just The Ticket

While there’s currently no cure to the devastating COVID-19, the CDC urges we all take various precautionary measures to prevent spreading the virus, like wearing masks, washing our hands regularly, and avoiding coming into close contact with others.

But, with things like sanitizer, masks and more being in high demand, they’ve turned into gold-ticket items that disappear off market shelves faster than most of us can get our hands on them.

Save yourself the time of going to multiple stores to find the items you need and opt for these Protective Care Bundles that have your essentials packed up and ready to go. Plus, they’re all on sale at huge discounts right now.

The Protective Care Pro Bundle

Masks and sanitizer might be hard to come by in stores, but this Protective Care Pro Bundle has you covered with 10 triple-layer filtration masks and two bottles of hand sanitizer included. This bundle also includes the revolutionary Safe Touch N Go Keys, which are bacteria-resistant hand tools that let you push elevator buttons, pull door handles, and more without directly touching them.

This bundle also includes a mini UV light bar that can disinfect germs on surfaces in mere seconds, no chemicals or heat necessary. Perfect for carrying around with you in your purse, backpack or car, this little gadget can last up to six hours per charge.

And, for those who are really keen about keeping their gadgets clean, you’ll love the included SaniCharge UV Phone Sanitizer. Not only does this box sanitize items like glasses, jewelry, earbuds, and more, it also charges your phone wirelessly while it’s being sanitized!

All the items in this collection would normally run you close to $230, but Daily Caller readers can get the bundle right now for only $129.99, nearly half off the usual price.

The Protective Care Popular Bundle

For those looking to improve their hygiene toolkit but spend a little less, this bundle is just the ticket. Similar to the aforementioned care bundle, this package includes a 10-pack of FDA-registered 3-ply masks and two bottles of hand sanitizer boasting 99.99% germ and bacteria-killing power.

You’ll also get the handy UV light sanitizing wand and two Safe Touch N Go keys to that make touching dirty ATM buttons or public bathroom door handles with your bare hands a thing of the past.

Nearly half off its regular price, this bundle is currently just $64.99.

The Protective Care Bundle

Just need the basics? This bundle‘s got you covered. For less than a weekly trip to the grocery store, you can snag two bottles of hand sanitizer, a 10-pack of 3-ply filtration masks, and two Safe Touch N Go Keys which are normally valued at over $50.

Jump on this deal while it lasts — it’s currently $39.99 down from $80.

Prices subject to change.

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