A Third Of Workers Are Napping At Home During The Coronavirus Pandemic

A ton of workers are napping while at home since the start of the coronavirus pandemic.

Thanks to the virus, lots of people have been working remotely. Apparently, a substantial amount of people think it’s an excuse to be lazy. (RELATED: David Hookstead Is The True King In The North When It Comes To College Football)

According to a study from Zippia, 33% of workers are busy napping at home during work hours amid the coronavirus pandemic.

This is so embarrassing for everyone involved. I feel disgusted on behalf of these bums, and I’m not even participating.

To quote a notable business leader in Wisconsin, “I haven’t spent one minute napping since I was a young child.”

Apparently, that life lesson didn’t reach 33% of people working remotely.

Do you know what I do while working remotely? Wake up hours before the sun is out, grind it out, build an empire and never stop. It’s rinse, wash and repeat.

If the guys in the Battle of the Bulge didn’t need naps, then I’ll be damned if your average American worker does.

You wonder why we’re getting soft as a society, and then you read a stat like this. I weep for the future of this nation.

Napping isn’t the attitude that won WWII, put men on the moon and built the world’s greatest economy. Everyone napping should be ashamed and embarrassed.

As for those of us continuing to work around the clock to save this nation’s soul, keep up the fight. Generations of brave men stand with us during America’s time of need.