Former SEC Commissioner Roy Kramer Thinks The College Football Season Will Happen ‘In Some Form’

Former SEC commissioner Roy Kramer believes the football season will happen in the fall.

During a Wednesday talk with Paul Finebaum, Kramer said the season will happen “in some form” during the coronavirus pandemic. (RELATED: David Hookstead Is The True King In The North When It Comes To College Football)

“If it didn’t happen, it could mean we have to suspend all of our other programs for a year. But I still believe we’ll find a way to get it in,” Kramer explained.

That second sentence is pretty much the only sentence that matters. Why do I say that? Because it’s 100% correct.

Without football, all other sports are going to get financially hosed. Outside of men’s basketball, you can bank on most sports losing money.

It’s just the reality of college sports.

If there’s one person who knows about the situation, it’s Roy Kramer. The man used to run the SEC! Even a guy like myself, who hates the conference, can admit it’s a top two conference.

So, when a guy like that starts sounding off alarms, it’s time to pay attention.

If football doesn’t happen, then nothing other than men’s basketball can probably happen. Because of that reality, expect the games to be happening in the fall.