Video Of A Gigantic 6-Year-Old Running Back Goes Viral


A video of a monstrous six-year-old running back has gone viral.

SportsCenter posted a video of a gigantic six-year-old running back, and the kid is downright absurd. He looks like he’s 18. (RELATED: David Hookstead Is The True King In The North When It Comes To College Football)

Watch him just dominate the field in the epic video below.

You have to love the one kid in a white jersey who immediately turned and ran away from the running back the moment he touched the ball.

That’s called planning for the future. He saw about a 50 pound weight and 12 inch height gap, and made the correct choice to get the hell out of there.

How the hell do you even game plan for a kid this size when we’re talking about little kids playing football? I’m not sure most teenagers could stack up with this young man.

Seriously, how is this dude only six? Has anyone asked for some official documents? Is there a birth certificate? I feel like we just need a little more proof.

I’m 28, and that kid honestly looks like he might be bigger than me. It’s time to ask some questions.

Either way, that young dude probably already had Nick Saban ringing up his phone. No way is Saban letting this beast get away. Let us know what you thought of the running performance in the comments below.