Man faces assault charge for breaking cop’s hand – with his face


A cop in Missouri found out just how hard-headed a driver can be.

Officer Trevor Spencer broke his hand trying to defend himself in a fight with a probation violator who he stopped for speeding, the Springfield News-Leader reported.

And now the man, Matthew Calhoun, is facing an assault charge — and up to 15 years in prison if he’s convicted.

The cop, who works for the Ozark Police Department in Branson, recounted the December encounter at a preliminary hearing Tuesday.

Spencer told the judge that he pulled Calhoun over in a convenience store parking lot for speeding and learned — from a license plate check — that Calhoun was wanted for violating his probation in a drug possession case.

The two started to fight when the officer tried to make the arrest.  Spencer punched Calhoun two or three times in the face, he told the judge, and ended up with a broken hand.  The cop had to break out the Taser to take the Calhoun into custody.

Calhoun’s attorney, Stacie Bilyeu, called the charge “ridiculous and absurd” and asked: “Are we supposed to feel sorry for Officer Spencer because he broke his hand on my client’s face?”