Flames nearly engulf roads as Californians evacuate wildfires in wine country


Terrifying dashcam footage shows drivers fleeing the California wildfires through roads almost engulfed by flames — as several new blazes ripped through the state’s famed wine region and forced thousands to evacuate.

“Never wait till the last second to evacuate,” Napa County Sheriff’s Office wrote Sunday alongside the wild scenes from the region’s Glass Fire, which has also spread to neighboring wine mecca Sonoma County.

The video was taken by deputy Matt Macomber, one of several deputies helping to enforce evacuation orders in the region from the new fire that authorities warned Sunday was spreading at a “dangerous rate of speed.”

The clip shows him driving behind a white vehicle as the flames completely covered the land right up to the edge of the road, with fiery ashes falling onto his windscreen.

CalFire ordered an evacuation Sunday of more than 1,800 people in the wine county region because of an “immediate threat to life.”

The Glass Fire is threatening about 2,200 structures and about 5,000 people are under some form of evacuation notification, Napa County spokeswoman Janet Upton told CNN Sunday night.

It also decimated some vineyards in the famed wine region, including The Chateau Boswell Winery located on the Silverado Trail, according to KPIX.

Flames shoot up into the sky on the Silverado Trail as a hillside goes up in flames during the Glass Fire in St. Helena.


Grape vines at Chateau Boswell Winery burn as the Glass Fire moves through St. Helena, California.

Getty Images

Firefighters protect a residence during the Glass Fire in St. Helena, California.


Workers and Fire Fighters with Cal Fire work to protect the St. Helena Water Treatment Plant.

AFP via Getty Images

A firefighter stands under a cloud of red fire retardant dropped by a plane on the Glass Fire in Deer Park, California.


A destroyed car from the Zogg fire in Igo, California.

AFP via Getty Images

An emergency vehicle drives along Silverado Trail as the Glass Fire burns in St. Helena, California.


A house catches fire on Crystal Springs Road during the Glass Fire in St. Helena, California.


Property catches fire on Crystal Springs Road during the Glass Fire in St. Helena, California.


A fire fighter puts out hot spots from the Zogg fire in Igo, California.

AFP via Getty Images

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“It’s a cremation,” another local, Craig Battuello, told the station of the St. Helena region where his family has grown grapes for more than a century.

The Glass Fire was one of two major new wildfires to hit California Sunday — the other being the Zogg Fire in Shasta County torching more than 7,000 acres, CNN said.

A number of other fires also started in the Golden State early Monday, forcing residents to flee in the middle of the night, the Los Angeles Times said.

They included threats to Santa Rosa, a city of 177,000 residents — Sonoma County’s most populous — that was devastated three years ago by the Tubbs fire, the paper noted.

“The pieces that are falling in our backyard right now are so large, you can hear them raining on the patio umbrella,” one Santa Rosa local tweeted.

There have been more than 8,100 wildfires in the state this year and firefighters continue to fight 25 major blazes, CalFire said Sunday.

“It gets tiring, it’s becoming a lifestyle,” Magaly Otero, who was forced to evacuate due to the LNU Complex fire weeks ago, told KGO.

“It’s a beautiful place but it’s not right.”