Oregon hiker dies after falling 100 feet into ocean while posing for a photo


A 43-year-old Oregon man fell to his death at the state’s Devil’s Cauldron Overlook, plunging more than 100 feet off the edge of the precipice while posing for a photo, according to reports.

Steven Gastelum had climbed a tree at the edge of the cliff Sunday when a branch broke off and he plummeted off the cliff, the Oregonian reported.

Gastelum, of Seaside, Oregon, had hiked to the top of the overlook at Oswald West State Park before falling into the Pacific Ocean.

Police arrived at the scene around 2 p.m., using jet skis to pluck Gastelum out of the water and bring him to shore, where he was rushed to Tillamook hospital, according to KOIN-TV. He was pronounced dead at the hospital.

The cliff edge is marked with warning signs urging hikers to remain clear of the edge.

In July, a hiker at the Grand Canyon fell to her death while also taking a photograph.

Maria Salgado Lopez, 59, of Arizona, was snapping a pic at Mather Point in the canyon when she plunged off the edge.