North Carolina basketball player, 19, dies of neurological problems from COVID-19


A North Carolina teenage basketball player has died from a rare COVID-19 complication in which the virus attacked his brain, his family said.

Chad Dorrill, 19, had been living off-campus and taking classes online at Appalachian State University in Boone when he became sick earlier this month with the virus, the college said Tuesday in a statement.

“When he began feeling unwell earlier this month, his mother encouraged him to come home, quarantine, and be tested for COVID-19,” Chancellor Sheri Everts wrote to students.

His uncle, David Dorrill, said that the teen tested positive Sept. 7 and quarantined for 10 days at home in Wallburg, the New York Times reported.

But upon returning to college, he began to experience serious neurological issues, Dorril said.

“When he tried to get out of bed, his legs were not working, and my brother had to carry him to the car and take him to the emergency room,” Dorrill told the newspaper.

Doctors told the family that instead of attacking the respiratory system, the virus had been damaging his brain, the newspaper reported.