This High-End Paula Deen Air Fryer Is On Sale For 50% Off!


Cooking for the entire family can get exhausting, especially when you’ve been doing it as much as you have over the past few months. Constantly coming up with new, healthy meals everyone in the house can enjoy is a whole other beast. At this rate, ordering in is sounding better and better by the minute.

Give yourself and break and say hello to this game-changing kitchen appliance designed by the famous Southern chef, Paula Deen. This XL air fryer is ideal for whipping up meals the entire household can enjoy, with a 6.13-quart interior basket capable of feeding a family of four. And the best part? It cooks your favorite foods in a fraction of the time it’d take with other cooking methods.

The secret to the air fryer’s impressive cooking speeds lies in its rapid air circulation system, hitting your food with hot air at all angles, and cutting prep time in half. And since it requires little to no oil or butter, you can enjoy great-tasting eats with up to 85% fewer calories — even French fries.

Using the Paula Deen air fryer is incredibly easy. Simply choose from the appliance’s handy dial mechanism, and enjoy any of its versatile cooking options, including baking, air frying, roasting, or even reheating. Cleaning the appliance is just as easy thanks to the basket’s four layers of non-stick, ceramic coating.

Still not sure if your family could get good use out of the Paula Deen air fryer? Check out some of the awesome things people are saying about it online!

“I love this air fryer. I have used it every day since I got it and the food is always delicious!” – Brenda

“I use a lot of Paula’s products and they’re all made with quality so I’m not surprised, but I didn’t realize just HOW much I’d love an air fryer in general. Everyone needs one!” – Felicia K

“I’m constantly finding new cooking uses for it every day. The size is just perfect…not too small or too massive.” – Linda K.

Right now, you can get the Paula Deen 6.13QT XL Air Fryer with Rapid Air Circulation System for half-off at just $99.99! And it even comes with a handy recipe book filled with Paula Deen’s favorite dishes.

Price subject to change.

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