Emu on the loose in Massachusetts leads cops on wild chase


He flew the coop!

An emu on the loose ruffled feathers in Massachusetts when he escaped from a backyard enclosure and led cops on a wild two-hour chase, according to a report.

The big bird, named Kermit, went on the lam in the suburb Haverhill at around 9:15 a.m. Wednesday, when a gust of wind blew open a gate.

It dashed into the street and prompting onlookers to call the cops, the Eagle Tribune reported.

The feathery fugitive — a cousin of the ostrich who can run up to 30 mph — booked it down the block when Animal Control officers arrived, according to the local paper.

But the bird-brain was eventually lured, using a pear from a nearby tree, into officers’ arms at around 11:30 a.m, Haverhill police said. The animal was then safely returned to his owner.

A nearby resident told the outlet the emu made a break for it while staying temporarily in a neighbor’s yard on the way to a farm in Maine.
When the wind blew a gate open, the flightless escape artist seized the moment.

Footage posted by the outlet shows a woman carrying the lanky bird down the street as its long legs flop and onlookers laugh.