Hair salon with risqué name explodes on to the scene in NJ


A new beauty salon with the saucy name “The Blow Job” has exploded onto the scene in New Jersey.

The jaw-dropping business — which offers hair blowouts, extensions and kids’ cuts — opened its doors in Hoboken Thursday, offering neighboring stylists some stiff competition.

Despite its moniker being a mouthful, owner Giovanna Serrano said locals are into the titillating title.

“Everybody loves the name so far,” Serrano told “Everybody loves the concept.”

On the internet, some folks were hot and bothered by the salon’s risqué name, slamming it as “inappropriate,” the outlet reported. But others found it funny, with one fan on Instagram calling it “great branding.”

Serrano said workout buffs are sure to go nuts for her early 6 a.m. opening hours.

“You can go for a run and come in and get a blowout,” she said of the hair-straightening technique.

The salon also offers an affordable “morning quickie” cut for early risers.