Kayleigh McEnany: Donald Trump Has Condemned White Supremacy More than Any Modern President in History


White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany on Thursday dismissed Fox News’ John Roberts, who repeatedly demanded that she condemn white supremacy on behalf of the Trump administration.

“This has been answered yesterday by the president himself, the day before by the president himself,” McEnany said.

She noted that President Donald Trump had condemned white supremacy by saying “sure” three times during the presidential debate on Tuesday night when asked if he would denounce white supremacists. She also noted that he did it again in response to a reporter on Wednesday.

“I always denounce any form, any form of any of that,” Trump replied on Wednesday afternoon when asked to condemn white supremacists. “You have to denounce.”

McEnany also cited remarks from 2019 and 2017  in which Trump condemned white supremacy and noted that his administration put to death a criminal white supremacist.

“He has condemned white supremacy more than any president in modern history,” McEnany said.

Roberts protested, noting that she was only reading old statements from President Trump condemning white supremacy.

“The president has denounced this repeatedly, the president was asked this, you’re contriving a storyline and a narrative,” she said.