Chris Wallace waiting to get coronavirus test after moderating debate


Fox News anchor Chris Wallace said he’s waiting to be tested for coronavirus until Monday to avoid getting a false negative, noting the virus’ four- to five-day incubation period.

Wallace, the moderator of the first presidential debate Tuesday night, said President Trump’s COVID-19 diagnosis “raises some questions about the timeline” of whether the commander-in-chief was sick at the Ohio event.

“My doctor is telling me I shouldn’t get a test today because it takes five days for the virus to load up enough and that I could have a test but it might as well be a false negative,” Wallace said Friday afternoon on Fox News.

“The significance of that to me is, if the president had a test yesterday and had tested positive, then I think he had the coronavirus during the debate.”

Noting that he’s part of a “uniquely vulnerable circle” as one of three maskless people on the debate stage, Wallace, 72, said he’ll be undergoing a coronavirus test on Monday.

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, meanwhile, said on Friday that he and Jill Biden had tested negative.

Chris Wallace moderates the first debate between President Trump and Democratic candidate Joe Biden.Olivier Douliery/Pool via Getty Images

Trump announced he and first lady Melania Trump were COVID-19 positive just after midnight Friday. The two are suffering mild symptoms.