Trial underway for man accused of gruesome killing, dismemberment of parents


A Tennessee jury this week began hearing the gruesome and graphic details in the trial of a man who allegedly butchered his parents — then left his mom’s head boiling on the stove and his dad’s severed hands on their bedroom floor.

Joel Guy, Jr., 32, sat through the third day of his trial Wednesday after allegedly murdering his 61-year-old father, Joel Michael Guy Sr., and 55-year-old Lisa Guy, in their West Knox County home during Thanksgiving weekend in 2016.

Guy Jr. allegedly stabbed and dismembered his parents, scattering their remains in an acid-based solution in several rooms of the home that prosecutors have referred to as a “diabolical stew of human remains.”

“There were multiple rooms in the home that seemed to be involved as part of the crime scene,” testified Dr. Amy Hawes, the local medical examiner, according to WATE. “There were many chemicals scattered in areas throughout the home. There were blood spots in different areas throughout the home. There were also various body parts throughout the home.”

Jurors on Wednesday heard testimony from Hawes, local law officials who arrived at the scene, family and friends. They were shown photos of the meat grinder Guy Jr. planned to use to aid his gruesome murder and dismemberment of his parents over life insurance money.

State prosecutors argued that Guy Jr. planned the killings for weeks, driven by the motive of obtaining $500,000 in life insurance money. In an image of detailed notes he allegedly penned to plan the murders, he wrote phrases including, “her assets, her life insurance 500K possibly more,” and “Money all mine. I get the whole thing.”

The notes also appeared to refer to the photographed food grinder when Guy Jr. allegedly wrote, “Bring blender and food grinder — grind meat,” WFTV reported.

Guy Jr.’s sister and half-sister testified that they knew the parents were planning to cut him off financially and were planning to tell him over the Christmas holiday that year.

One of Guy Jr.’s closest friends, Michael McCracken, described the suspect as socially awkward and on poor terms with his family. He said Guy Jr. spent “days at a time” alone on the computer.

Prosecutors played audio from a taped phone called the two shared in December 2016 that Guy Jr, had placed from jail.