Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie tests positive for COVID-19


Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has tested positive for coronavirus.

Christie, who is one of President Trump’s closest outside advisors and helped him prep for Tuesday’s debate, made the announcement on Twitter Saturday morning.

“I just received word that I am positive for COVID-19. I want to thank all of my friends and colleagues who have reached out to ask how I was feeling in the last day or two. I will be receiving medical attention today and will keep the necessary folks apprised of my condition,” Christie said.

Christie, who played Joe Biden in debate prep with Trump earlier this week, was also at the Rose Garden ceremony for the SCOTUS nomination of Judge Amy Coney Barrett last Saturday and was seen rubbing elbows with a number of other attendees.

President Trump, First Lady Melania Trump, Kellyanne Conway, Sen. Mike Lee and Sen Thom Tillis have all tested positive for COVID-19 since attending the event.