Family of seven who lost home to Washington wildfires all have COVID-19


A family of seven lost their home and all their possessions in a Washington wildfire — just to come down with COVID-19 while staying with friends and relatives, according to reports.

Jessica and Matthew Graham and their five kids were luckily away from their home in the Evergreen State when the Babbs-Malden Fire destroyed about 80 percent of their hometown of Malden, they told CNN.

“We were planning to come back that night, so we didn’t pack a single thing,” Jessica, 38, said of losing everything while being away.

Now homeless, they stayed with Jessica’s parents — not realizing her father was likely infected with the coronavirus, they said.

“My dad became sick with flu-like symptoms,” Jessica told NBC. “So we think there’s a very good chance that we caught it from him, though he was never tested.”

Her mother also tested positive for the contagion after babysitting the kids — Constantine, 12, Claudia, 10, 7-year-old twins Adele and Zoe, and Darius, 5 — but they still ignored their own symptoms.

“We were starting to experience symptoms at that time that we were hoping was just due to hazardous air quality,” Jessica told

“We started having some sinus issues, coughing, but we thought it’s hazardous air and didn’t really think too much of it,” Jessica told NBC, saying they only worried when they started “getting worse instead of better.”

All seven soon tested positive for COVID-19.