Bus passenger kicks girl in the face for not wearing face mask


Shocking video captured the moment a man kicked a girl in the face for not wearing a mask on a UK bus – and then was stomped on his head by another passenger who threatened to “murder” him for attacking the teen after racially abusing her, according to a report.

The violence aboard the double-decker in Birmingham unfolded Thursday when a couple began arguing with the girl about not wearing a face covering, the Birmingham Mail reported.

“I’m not being racist but the virus is more common in black and Asians. Put your f—- mask on!” the unhinged man yells at the girl.

His partner then chimes in.

“Why do I have to come on the bus and put up with you sitting next to us with no mask on!” the middle-aged woman says. “You’re spreading, you’re spreading it around people.”

She adds: “It’s lucky you’re 16 or I would knock you out!”

As the couple gets up to get off the bus, the man delivers a kick to the teen’s face before he is tackled by a man in a suit who throws the assailant to the ground.

“What the f—- are you doing?” he screams. “You piece of s—-! I will murder you!”

He then proceeds to stomp on the man’s head and throws him off the bus.

“We’re investigating after a teenager was racially abused and attacked on a bus in Hill Top, West Bromwich,” a police spokesman told the news outlet.

The attacker “was then thrown to the ground by another passenger, who then stamped on his head,” the spokesman added.

“We have spoken to the girl, and are examining mobile phone footage which has been shared on social media. We take racially aggravated crimes extremely seriously, and our inquiries continue.”