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When it comes to working in IT, it’s not all about being a math whiz, as people assume. In fact, a career in IT can be incredibly fulfilling as it requires you to work with people, solve complex problems, show your creative side, and so much more.

But like many other prestigious industries out there, if you want to excel in the IT world, the proper training and certifications will get you far, making you more susceptible to raises and great opportunities down the line. Before you sign up for some pricey training course in a classroom, there’s a more budget-friendly alternative out there that may prove to be the best option out there.

If you’re looking to train for various IT certifications including the AWS, Cisco, and CompTIA, this exclusive online bundle has all that and then some. With an unheard-of 22 courses, this program teaches you everything you’d possibly need to know to have a successful career in IT, complete with hands-on content, digestible lesson plans, expert instruction, and so much more.

Each of the program’s extensive courses, all valued at $200, give you the fundamental knowledge and tools necessary to tackle the many complex problems and innovative projects professionals face throughout their careers. And under the instruction of experienced professors, seasoned engineers, and more, you’ll get a first-hand look at what it takes to pass some of the most important IT exams of your budding career.

Unlike other IT courses out there, The 2021 All-In-One AWS, Cisco & CompTIA Super Certification Bundle is a one-stop-shop for all your training needs. That’s because whether you’re undergoing a crash course on Cisco Networking or mastering the basics of cloud computing for the CompTIA Cloud+ Certification Exam, you’ll be able to go through each lesson at your own pace, jumping back or moving forward as many times as you’d like.

No matter what type of IT you plan to work in, the courses in this extensive bundle always reflect what’s going on in today’s industry, void of any outdated practices or technologies. Whether it’s troubleshooting or brushing up on your ever-growing tool arsenal, all the program’s lessons are current and relevant to what’s going on in businesses all around the world.

Normally, a course bundle at this caliber runs for around $4,300 bucks. But right now, you can get all 22 courses, all valued at $199, for a mere $99 bucks. Yep, you read that right — the entire course bundle’s a whopping 97% off its regular price!

Price subject to change. 

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