Biden defends decision by Trump’s doctors to withhold medical information


Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden defended the move by President Trump’s medical physicians to withhold all of the details of Trump’s visit to Walter Reed Medical Center.

Biden was speaking to NBC’s Lester Holt on Monday night when he was asked about a press conference by the president’s doctors earlier in the day.

“I’m not being critical of the fact that every single detail was not released,” Biden said, referring to the extent of information released by the doctors.

“There is the HIPAA rules that even apply to the president, but they have consequences for a president beyond the rules relating to what is able to be done and not done without a patient’s permission. They have national security implications as well.”

The physicians who had been treating Trump at Walter Reed have come under scrutiny for not releasing all of the medical details related to Trump after he was treated for coronavirus at the hospital for three days.

“On balance, you have to tell the whole truth of what the — what had happened, what was happening and what’s going on,” Biden continued. “But, as moment to moment, I’m not sure that that is an absolute requirement.”

Biden, at 77 years old, would be the oldest candidate ever to be elected president. Trump is 74 years old and is currently recovering from the coronavirus.