Kidnapped Utah woman rescued after writing 911 on hand, cops say


A Utah woman escaped being held captive by writing “911” on her hand and discretely showing it to a locksmith, police said.

The woman told police that she was held against her will by Grant Nielsen Eggertsen, 45, at her home in Midway, about 45 miles southeast of Salt Lake City, the Deseret News reported.

She claimed that Eggertsen, who has a key, had shown up unannounced Thursday night, walked in and took her phone.

“She asked him to leave multiple times and he would not leave and he was holding her in her room against her will,” authorities wrote, adding that Eggertsen also threatened to burn the house down.

The next day, a repairman was called to change the locks of the front door, the outlet reported.

While he was replacing the locks, the woman quietly showed him that she had written “911” on her hand,

The locksmith then called 911 and told dispatchers that there was a man in the house who stayed close to the woman while he was in the home. He said she also had to ask the man for her phone to pay.

When an officer came to the home to investigate, the woman “quickly opened the door and walked fast out the front door and stated that [Eggertsen] was downstairs in the house,” authorities said.

The officer said that he also observed the “911” message on the woman’s hand — in addition to emails that she sent to two people trying to get help.

The case is now being treated as a domestic violence situation.

Eggertson faces charges for aggravated kidnapping in the course of committing unlawful detention, as well as criminal trespass of a dwelling and simple assault, the outlet reported.