Man who died at Arizona overlook is found near second set of human remains


A man plunged more than 100-feet to his death while taking photos at Arizona’s Glen Canyon Dam Overlook — and the crew retrieving his body found another set of human remains nearby, officials said.

Orlando Serrano-Arzola, 25, from Phoenix fell during his photoshoot early Sunday, according to the National Park Service (NPS).

“Witnesses reported the victim was on top of the rim overlooking the Colorado River taking pictures when he fell approximately 100 feet and then slid approximately 150 feet further,” the NPS said.

“The victim suffered severe trauma and showed no signs of life after the fall,” the service said, with his death confirmed by a Coconino County Sheriff’s Office deputy who rappelled down.

During the recovery mission, the crew discovered bones at the base of the overlook that were also determined to be human remains, the service said.

“The Coconino County Sheriff’s Office and National Park Service are conducting an investigation and more information will be released when it is available,” the agencies said in a joint release.

No other information was given on the mysterious find at the stunning overlook in Glen Canyon National Recreation Area in Page which at points is more than 700-feet high.