‘Red Sweater Guy’ Ken Bone is still an undecided voter for 2020 election


“Red Sweater Guy” Ken Bone — America’s most celebrated and then vilified undecided voter from 2016 – still hasn’t made up his mind about who to vote for, according to a report.

The Illinois man with an aw-shucks demeanor turned into a social media sensation after asking Hillary Clinton and then-candidate Donald Trump a question about their energy policies during a town hall-style presidential debate.

But the bloom quickly vanished after reports emerged that he once committed insurance fraud, believed the killing of Florida teen Trayvon Martin was justified, enjoyed looking at actress Jennifer Lawrence’s “butt hole” and enjoyed weird porn of pregnant women.

Bone is back in the spotlight in an interview with Newsweek, saying he was surprised Trump won – describing the president’s time in office as “hit and miss with a lot more misses than hits.”

“What Trump is really a master at is manipulating people via the media,” he told the mag. “It’s crazy how he gets us all to pay attention to what’s in his right hand while he’s doing his sleight of hand with the other.”

During the Democratic primaries, Bone said he was endorsing Andrew Yang.

He said the first presidential debate — which went off the rails amid a shouting match between Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden — didn’t improve his opinions of either candidate.

“I think that we kind of got what we expected. In a way, we almost got what we deserved, because we’ve all played our part in raising the temperature of political discourse,” Bone told Newsweek.