Trump slams mail-in voting as ‘bigger problem’ than China, Russia


President Trump reiterated his ardent opposition to mail-in voting Thursday morning, calling it “a much bigger problem than China or Russia” with regard to election security.

Speaking on the Fox Business Network’s “Mornings with Maria,” the commander-in-chief made the remarks while expressing disappointment with FBI Director Christopher Wray for not prioritizing the issue.

“There’s thousands of ballots right there, you pick up any paper in the country practically and they’re cheating all over the place with the ballots, so how is that not a problem? That’s a much bigger problem than China or Russia, if you look at it, it’s a much bigger problem,” Trump told the network.

He went on to add that Wray should “pick up a newspaper and read” if he did not see any problems with how ballots were being handled ahead of the November election.

The commander-in-chief then referenced cases he said he had learned of in North Carolina, Virginia, New York, where issues with ballots led to uncertainty with the election results.

Asked what he’s going to do about this problem of voter fraud, Trump “These are cheaters, these are conmen, these are cheaters that we’re dealing with.”