Detective agency, TV station could face charges in Denver protest shooting


The detective agency for which accused Denver “Patriot Rally” shooter Matthew Dolloff worked as a sub-contractor and the TV station that hired him for security work could face legal action for employing the unlicensed man, according to reports.

The City’s Attorney’s Office and the city department that handles licensing are deciding what punishment, if any, should be imposed against the involved parties, The Denver Post reported.

“Licensed security guard employers that hire unlicensed security guards could face disciplinary actions against their licenses ranging from a fine to suspension to revocation,” the city attorney’s office said in a statement.

“Businesses could also face criminal charges for permitting or directing an unlicensed person to perform security services. Regarding Matthew Dolloff, there could be civil or criminal actions taken, or both, against Mr. Dolloff, Pinkerton, 9News, and/or any other entity that hired and deployed Dolloff in an unlicensed security guard capacity,” it added.

The Pinkerton detective agency on Monday said that Dolloff worked for a contractor and was not directly employed by the company.

Meanwhile, 9News-TV said it had contracted Dolloff through Pinkerton and that it had enlisted security “for a number of months” to protect employees while covering Black Lives Matter protests and related rallies.

The Denver Department of Excise and Licenses has confirmed that Dolloff did not have an active security guard license at the time of the shooting, according to CBS Denver.

Two men put up their hands before being taken into custody after the man in the center, Matthew Dolloff, fatally shot another man in Denver.

Denver Post via Getty Images

Lee Keltner (left) and Matthew Dolloff

Denver Post via Getty Images

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