Former NXIVM member India Oxenberg breaks silence about sex cult


Former Nxivm member India Oxenberg has broken her silence about her seven-year membership in the sex cult, claiming she was raped by Keith Raniere and branded with his initials while at the hands of “masters of manipulation.”

Speaking in her first interview, Oxenberg said she was lured to the cult under the impression that it could help with self-growth in 2011.

“What I thought I was learning was self-help and personal growth. What I was learning was the opposite,” Oxenberg, 29, told “Good Morning America” on Tuesday.

Instead, she said she was alienated from her family, including her mother, “Dynasty” actress Catherine Oxenberg.

“That’s years of grooming. When you’re unaware it’s so easy to be led astray especially by people who are masters at manipulation,” she added.

She said the cult’s leader, convicted sex-trafficker Keith Raniere, employed manipulation tactics to groom her.

“If there’s one thing he’s intelligent at, it’s that. He’s a predator,” she said.

India said she eventually became part of a secret subset of the cult called DOS, which was pitched to her by “Smallville” actress and fellow member Allison Mack as a sexual liberation group.