Woman accused of cutting baby out of pregnant friend lied to state trooper


The Texas woman accused of killing a pregnant friend by cutting her unborn child out of her womb told a state trooper that it was her baby she had just given birth to on the side of the road, according to reports.

Taylor Parker, 27, was stopped early Friday morning by a Texas trooper who then called an ambulance after the suspected fake mom said the baby was not breathing, investigators told KTAL.

They were taken across state lines to Oklahoma’s nearby McCurtain Memorial Hospital, where the baby was pronounced dead, the report said.

But doctors told investigators that it wasn’t possible that Parker had given birth — and her case was soon linked to the gruesome discovery of butchered pregnant mom Reagan Hancock in New Boston, Texas.

Hancock, 22, was eight months pregnant and was discovered by her mom, her family has said. A fundraiser said her attacker was “someone Reagan considered a friend.”

Parker, from Simms, Texas, was discharged from the hospital and booked into jail in Idabel, Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation Special Agent Chad Dansby told KTAL.

She is facing homicide and kidnapping charges and could be arraigned in Oklahoma as early as Tuesday, the agent said. It was not clear if a warrant has been obtained for Parker in Texas, according to the report.